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We are a kind and confident Rent A Car company located at Nador, capital of a developing agricultural and industrial region in the north mediterranean coast of Morocco, besides the Mar Chica natural lagoon, with near 200.000 population. A modern city with a checkerboard layout of streets. The main street is the Mohamed V avenue at the downtown, where we find the Town Hall and the busy and always vibrating Zouk. Near to the Corniche you could find the modern and new Railway Station and the Autobus facilities.


Eight kilometers far from the city is the town of Beni Inzar, frontier with Melilla and the main Maritime Port of the region with a great commercial ant passengers activity.


The international airport of Mont-Aroui is only 22 kilometers far from the city and it has regular flights from/to several european capitals like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Marseille, Brussels and more.


A hundred kilometers far is located Saidia Med, a tourism facilities complex to enjoy and relax in a luxury ambient. 


Come to Nador, a mediterranean paradise where you will find a great moroccan gastronomy, kind people, awesome weather, white sand beaches and live the contrast between the tradition and modernism.




Mr. Amine Bouchotrouch  (CEO)

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